We democratise investment for all.

Fraction is a technology company that will bring down the wall which keeps wealth creating investment opportunities only to the select few. No more will you require deep pockets to start.

No more will you be forced to risk investing in things you don't really understand. Our easy to use, plug and play platforms are used by individuals and companies of all sizes to convert any assets, big or small, into a digital public companies to be invested and traded by individuals and companies of all sizes alike.



Bridging the world of traditional finance with the digital finance revolution and the creation of completely new capital markets will have a meaningful impact on millions of people.

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Our platform is built with Internet scale technology and powered by the latest in NFT and blockchain innovation.



You can be sure that all of the transaction records are well managed, secure, easily tracked, and verified.



You can access to any asset class from diamond, yacht, EV station, to wine.

The Unified, Standardised and Complete Platform

We have done all the work for you - creating a complete investment infrastructure from primary to secondary markets and exchanges, working with regulators, designing legal and smart contracts structuring, linking the offline and online worlds, governance and compliances, banking, finances and wallets - so you can instantly play whichever role you want to play in this new, bigger and better capital market of the world.

We are working with...

Charn Issara
Asset Wise
Singha Ventures
Singha Estates
East Ventures
V Ventures
EV Station

Meet the Founders

Fraction Founders

Shaun Sales

Co-founder & CTO

Eka Nirapathpongporn

Co-founder & CEO

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