Fraction for Real Estate

A complete and standardised fractional ownership platform for Real Estate Investment.

Just like taking a company public, Fraction provides all the tools for an owner, whether an individual or a developer, to digitise and tokenise their real estate assets and offer it in small fractions to potential investors. This allows you to sell part (or all) of your single property to many buyers/investors rather than a single buyer/investor - just like IPOing your house.

These fractions, which are a part ownership in the property - just like you owning a share in a company - are traded on our Fraction Exchange, again just like shares in a public company and can be bought and sold by anyone. To ensure investors' confidence, the platform is completely standardised for all issuers in the same way as the stock market around the world.

For developers and property owners - now you can attract capital from a much larger and deeper pool. Whether you are a big developer or an individual, our platform is completely plug and play.

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Investment for everyone

Fraction is redefining real estate investment

A Better Way To Invest

For those wanting to invest in real estate assets - now you don't need millions to start and many of the pitfalls of investing the traditional way have been addressed.

Fraction Outperforms the traditional ways to invest in real estates

Self Buying REIT Fraction
Ability to pick a specific asset Yes No Yes
Ability to execute your own investment strategy Yes
Ability to diversify None to Low Yes Yes
Entry level capital required Low
Liquidity Low - take a long time to get in or out Yes Yes
Fee/cost structure Low
Transparency into what you are investing in High Low High
Outside factors affecting value of investments Low

Fraction for Private
Pooled Capital

Opening a restaurant or investing in a project with a group of friends?

Opening a restaurant or investing in a project with a group of friends? Buying a large piece of land with a privately assembled group of investors? Fraction can provide an easier and better way to manage the ownership interest and any subsequent changes of interests of these privately pooled capital projects.

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Fraction for Private Fund's Interest

Impossible to get out, even harder to get in and locked away for 7-10 years...that's pretty much the state of play for any GP/LP type fund structure.

This is often one of the biggest hurdles for investors to get over and therefore for GPs to attract capital. It also presents significant leakages through fees and administrative tasks when an LP interest needs to change hands.

With Fraction, an LP interest can be privately (or publicly) listed and traded on the Fraction Exchange, allowing investors to exit if they so wish whilst enabling others to enter the fund after inception, all without any administrative headaches for the GP.

Fraction also provides all the tools to assist the GP manage the fund raising from the start through our primary market platform. Fraction also allows the GP to manage multiple funds and raise additional capital for existing funds.

In short, Fraction can provide the GP and LP with the flexibility and attractiveness of a publicly listed fund whilst remaining private.

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Fraction for
Peer to Peer Lending

Why do we need a third party intermediary when we can offer direct security?

Fraction's proprietary smart contract platform brings together everything a lender (or a group of lenders) and a borrower needs to exchange a loan for a security.

No more leakages of fees and interest spreads to the banks.

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