fractional ownership Infrastructure

Invest, sell and manage fractional ownership of anything from a small stake in an art piece, a 10% ownership in a city condo to managing your funds investor interest on our world first plug and play platform.

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Unified platform

A fully integrated suite of fractional ownership tools

Fraction's platform covers the full journey

From the initial digitisation and fractionalisation of an asset, the initial offering of those fractions to investors, the subsequent trading of those fractions between investors, and anything in between.

Fraction brings together everything that's required to help you achieve your fractional ownership objectives.

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, a lender or a borrower, a big company or an individual with limited capital.

We also help companies, administrators and promoters manage ownership of co-investments, crowdfunding, pooled capital, and much more.

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The world's first complete fractional ownership solution

We bring together everything that’s required to build solutions for the listing and trading of asset-backed tokens. Fractions’s products power fractional ownership for property developers, small to medium businesses, investment funds and pooled capital, and everything in between.
Fraction offering
Fraction exchange
KYC & Identity
Accounts & Brokerage
Subscription & Issuance
Matching Engine
Real-time Market data
Distributed Ledger Infrastructure
Wallet & Treasury
Issuers & Assets
Audit & Regulatory
Why Fraction

A technology-first approach
to fractional ownership

Easy to Use

From our best-in-class mobile apps to our management console and dashboard, everything we create is tailored to make your life easier.

First to Market

We’ve invested in our software so you don’t have to. Our team is building and optimizing at every level of the stack to bring you the best features first.

Deep Configuration

No matter how complex the asset class, we can configure our platform to get you to market, and engage with your investors the way you want.

Simple Integration

Fraction isn’t just a platform, it’s an ecosystem. We work with the world's best and brightest, and seamlessly integrate with our products.

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Bring your fractional ownership idea to life. Get in touch with our team to
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