A complete one-stop,
full-service fractional ownership platform for all businesses and individuals.

Sell, invest, and manage ownership fractions of all things

from a small stake in an art piece or 10% of a city condo, to managing investors interest in your fund - all on our world first plug and play platform.

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Unified platform

A fully integrated suite of services

Fraction's platform covers the full journey

From the initial digitisation and fractionalisation of an asset, to the offering of those fractions to investors, and to the subsequent trading of those fractions between investors, we cover the entire journey.

Fraction brings together everything that's required to help you achieve your fractional ownership objectives, whether you are a seller or a buyer, a lender or a borrower, a corporation, or an individual with limited capital.

We also help companies, administrators and promoters manage ownership of co-investments, crowdfunding, pooled capital, and much more.

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