Redefining real estate investment

Property investment on your own terms

Investing is hard

Real estate investment is only for the selected few, why is that?

High barrier to entry

The required capital for each investment is so high, it takes a lifetime of saving for all but the most wealthy.

Limited choice

Why is the only option on the stock market to trade risky and complicated company shares? Why isn't there access to other, simpler asset classes?

Concentration of risk

Even if you have the capital, each investment decision is so big, you often end up making no decision.

Lack of liquidity

Getting in and out of an investment property can be expensive and time consuming. Most of your gains can be diluted by fees and multiple intermediaries.

We think there’s a better way


Earn and grow

Enter the investment property market, earning passive income and potential capital growth, with whatever capital you have now.


Lower initial captial

Don't risk your life savings on a single opportunity, and get locked in for decades.


Diverisfy your risk

Choose exactly what to invest in, something you know and understand, rather than depending on someone else to choose for you.

Welcome to Fraction

Through our proprietary legal structuring, smart contract frameworks and technology platform, Fraction enables you to invest in a fraction of real world property the same way you buy and sell publicly listed company shares. With Fraction, not only big companies have access to public capital. Your house or condo can be listed on our exchange and you gain access to a pool of capital from public investors.

Invest directly in property from your smartphone
Invest as much or as little as you want
Buy and sell on an public, liquid market

Real estate investment for everyone

With Fraction, our goal is nothing short of changing the way you think about real estate ownership and investment. The old way of buying a home, being a slave to your bank for 20 years and having all your risk in a single asset is a thing of the past.

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